Minggu, 01 Desember 2013


imajinasi Mentari febby
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It was around, hm sorry i forgot. When we first met. Now, 28 months passed.

I am already didnt feel pain in my chest and my stomach when saw something 'things' about you anymore..
The sorrow, hatred, anger now is gone pieces by pieces. Bit by bit.. Yeah, miss you sometime.

Sometimes i remembered things happen between us. We going through rain together, cooking together, hugs, wandering to the city together, take silly photos together, making a kinky promise and all the things we done together. So sweet. And i still doesnt understand, why our relationship broke up? It’s our ego, our immaturity, our selfishness who played their role to bend our hearts, and it worked.

Thank you for teach me so many lesson in my life. Thank you, and i will always remember you in some space in my heart.

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