Selasa, 26 November 2013


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Love isn't blind. Love is deaf..
Why? Well, it's because when you falling in love, you will never ever listen anybody advice! You will always do whatever you want. Even you know loving was wrong, even it was one side love, you'll always think that your love is perfect. Yeah. Love is deaf and awesome.
You know the one you love cheating on you and you have to letting go, you sacrifice your feelings. Because they think you're just a stress in their mind, a pain in the ass and have no special place in their heart. It hurts like hell watching them being happy without you.
After all the caring, the time you spend with them, the sweet texts, the smile, the laugh you have been through, its just so hard to believe it.
Its like all they did was sweet lies that full of bullshit.

Pardon me. But being dumped and replaced with someone you thought better than me, is suck. It's hurt me so much..
Now, there's some hole in heart, hole with void of emptiness, hole with memories about us.. A black hole about you.

Sometimes, i wish i could wipe everything just like in blackberry. With one push button, you can start all over again.. And sometime, i wish i was you, easy to forget, easy to falling in love again….. But you knew i can't, right?
I was me and my love for you is real back then. As real as reality we faced right now. The reality when you didn't love me. But you will never find someone like me.
You know.. You don't need acting like you care, pretending we'll be alright. No need.. Because now, it's useless. I'm already become a solid nothingness. So, i'm perfectly fine.

Life's just happend once. Time will never going back. It will just passed by. And there's no single living creature's can stop it.
Today will become yesterday, and yesterday will become memories like the others.
So i. As a mere human, will never forget those memories. How can? Yup, take some pictures.
For me. That's how i will remember about you, us, our laughs, our tears and everythings..

I'm done with everything that has to do with him, be happy with whoever you will be. Because i realize that you could be with everybody you want, right?

In the end, maybe words aren't change anything, but it's like Marylin Monroe said: “It’s better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone.” :))

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