Sabtu, 21 Juni 2014

Dan ketika III

imajinasi Mentari febby

Why leaving when you cannot be without him, when you are better off with him?

That question has been echoing in my mind these past few days.

The thing about love is not always leaving or staying, sometimes it's also about forgiving and understanding. But the relationship is between the two parties. You cannot fight all alone. You cannot hold someone who had let go of you long time ago.
Being wanted is always nice. Loving someone is nicer. And being wanted and needed by someone you love is the nicest. And I had just realized my presence does no longer matter to someone i love. In that case, what’s better than leaving?

Oh believe me, i have not been tired fighting. I haven't been tired saying sorry and okay. I haven't been tired waiting for him. I haven't been tired putting his name in my prayers. I haven't been tired believing he is the one. God knows how hard i've been praying.
So if anybody asks why leaving when my world is still revolving around him, and it seems that my world has stopped when he’s not here, it simply because he did not ask me to stay.
And i guess, nothing much wiser than leaving the one who's no longer needing you in his life. Even if it means you're like walking through the fire, or walking above the ice cube with no shoes? I wish there would be any analogy depicted how it feels like, but i cannot find any.

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